Official Brand of the Four Corners

Strong Warriors Fitness program offers a wide range of a variety of different types of exercise classes for individuals at all levels of physical abilities and for all ages. These exercise classes range from Pilates, Step Aerobics, Circuit Training, Fit Kids, Sports Performance, Weight Training, Plyometrics, Agility, Elders & Lower Back exercises, and Diabetes & Exercise 101, etc.  We are able to offer multiple classes at the same time in order to maximize community participation. The Strong Warriors Fitness program reinforces, emphasizes, and physically develops individuals to participate in our Strong Warriors events. This approach is an ongoing continuous cycle designed to keep participants physically active with goals and objectives that are tailored to positively reinforce, emphasize, and physically develop individuals to consistently strive for physical improvements that can be directly measured and assessed through our evaluation/assessment process along with the individuals performance from our events. This includes tracking participant through a database that we provide and teach your program how to maintain and sustain all the data tracking this includes sign-ins, pre and post results, that is open continuous