Strong Warriors Challenge

Official Brand of the Four Corners

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Strong Warriors events are meant to challenge you. These events will push you to your physical limits. These events will challenge you both physically and mentally. The question is, will you accept the challenge? We cater our events to Native Communities. We strive to bring our events to our Native People and the surrounding communities. We know its difficult to travel to a large event. We want to be able to provide the community and tribes with the added benefit of being able to participate within their own community with the sense of pride and competition through the physical challenges of our Strong Warriors 5K Obstacle Challenges. We have had to privilege of bringing our events to the Four Corners Area: Shiprock, NM, Bluff, UT, and White Mesa, UT. We have also had our event hosted by the Comanche Nation Waterpark in Lawton, OK. We will be traveling to the HO-Chunk Nation in Baraboo, WI. Our Obstacles differ with each location and terrain. We have over 15 obstacle challenges along with exercise stations. The use of mud varies at each obstacle course. Our event is an overall Obstacle Challenge. Our Obstacle lengths are 5K. We know many Native Americans are runners by nature and we use our challenge to challenge the average runner by participating in our obstacle challenges.

Will you accept the challenge?
‘’I have been wounded but not yet slain. I shall lie here and bleed awhile. Then I shall rise and fight again. The title of Warrior may from time to time fall to others more than ourselves. But the heart, the spirit, and the soul of a Warrior remains.” (Strong Warrior Creed)

Strong Warriors incorporated our Young Warriors Challenge for ages 5-13. We want to instill in our native children to challenge themselves physically and mentally as well. To let the children experience the challenge of pushing themselves and giving them the sense of accomplishment while their friends and families cheer them on as they compete through our Young Warriors 1mi Course. We want the children to have fun and also be safe. Our course is meant to let them enjoy the same type of challenge as the Strong Warriors. Our obstacles vary in each Young Warriors Course as does the use of mud. Each course differs to the terrain and location of each course.

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