Strong Warriors

Strong Warriors

Ho-Chunk Nation

Strong Warrior’s 5K Obstacle Challenge

Hosted by Ho-Chunk Nation

Baraboo, WI

August 24, 2014


Strong Warriors will be coming to the Ho-Chunk Nation in Baraboo, WI. The Ho-Chunk nation will be Sponsoring all Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Members. There will be two separate

Strong Warriors Challenge Events the day off. The morning event will be CLOSED to only Ho-Chunk Tribal Members and surrounding other enrolled Tribal Members.  The second event is open

to the General Public. Verification of CDIB/Tribal Card must be presented at Registration Check-In the day of the event. No Exceptions. 

Enrolled Ho-Chunk Members are encouraged to complete Pre-Registration Form Online as well.




Wisconsin News: David Miller Story – ASSIST WI

Native Hoop Magazine – September 2014

StrongWarriorsAugust2014 – Clearer version of Pages 70-83 in Native Hoop Magazine.